Am Die, 2003-08-19 um 00.15 schrieb Branko Collin:

> > Didn't work for GIMP 1.2 so I doubt it will here. We haven't received
> > a single contribution for the help in whatever form; maybe the "Eek"
> > scared people off or something...

> Do you mean the following text?

Yeah, that was the eek text. However this was not my idea and still
don't like it.

> That's hardly an invitation to write this part of the online help.

Agreed. I also think such messages don't reach the right users; pros
rarely read the help especially when it's known to be rather incomplete
and not really useful.

>  I also seem to remember some policy about using bugzilla instead of the 
> above e-mail address. 

Where? :)


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