Hello, Everyone :)
        I've had this problem for the last two development versions of the Gimp:
1.3.17 and 1.3.18
        Hopefully, to maximize the clarity of the information that I have to
give you, and minimize the size of this e-mail, I will proceed with a
series of links to screen shots and brief, appropriate comments.

1.      For the sake of accuracy, I first include a screen-shot of GIF that
has this problem, as viewed in a non-Gimp application: Gqview 1.3.2
        You will notice that the background is transparent, as represented by
the grey/light gray checks.  No problem here.

2.      Next, I opened up the exact same image with Gimp 1.2.3, the version
that ships by default with Red Hat 9:
        Just like in example 1, it displays properly.

3.      Next, with the exact same image as in all the other examples, the
current stable version of the Gimp: Gimp 1.2.5:
        Again, no problem.

4.      Next, the oldest Gimp development version I have installed on my
system: Gimp 1.3.16:
        Again, no problem.

Here is where the problems start, with Gimp 1.3.17 and 1.3.18:

5.      Gimp 1.3.17:
        As you can clearly see, the background is now pink.

6.      Gimp 1.3.18:
        As in example 5, the background is pink.

        Before I move on, to clarify, in the making of all these screen-shots,
I used the exact same image.
        I can manipulate, copy, paste, etc, the image just fine if I use one of
the first three versions of the Gimp mentioned above.  But if I edit the
image in the two most recent development versions of the Gimp (1.3.17
and 1.3.18), the background permanently becomes pink.
        If someone were to suggest that there was an issue with the way that I
made it (I cropped it using a program in Windows, and exported the
actual GIF that you see in the screen-shots from an OpenOffice.org
Impress presentation slide.), I would have to point out that it displays
and edits perfectly in three of the five versions of the Gimp that I
tried it on.
        If you have any questions for me, I am more than happy to answer
anything you may have to ask me.
        I checked bugzilla.gnome.org and I found nothing but a reference to an
apparently similar issue with an animated GIF.  When I grabbed that
image and opened it up in Gimp 1.3.17 and 1.3.18, I saw absolutely
nothing wrong with it.  The background is transparent on my system, so
as a result, I Assume that my problem is different :)
        I am running Red Hat 9, with every package installed.  (That's almost
1400 packages)  I have all the official Red Hat updates installed.  As
far as gtk+ and gtk2, I have the versions that ship with Red Hat 9
        If something relating to a known dependency is affecting Gimp 1.3.17
and 1.3.18 on Red Hat 9, I do apologize and if you say so, I will try
upgrading to newer versions.  The reason I haven't yet is because I've
had really bad luck upgrading Gtk related items in the past.  But if you
say so, with your expert guidance, I will gladly try again :)

Steven P. Ulrick

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