I think we should discuss how to proceed with the help system for gimp2.
I saw that Roman started to work on a german translation and of course I
am happy about this since it means that something happens. However I
think that it doesn't make much sense to blindly work on the help pages
until we figured out how the help will be integrated into gimp2 and how
it should be structured. Otherwise we will have to move files around a
lot and will probably waste efforts.

Translation of the help pages is another subject that should be
discussed beforehand. I don't think the current approach of translating
the XML source in place will scale well when the number of translations
increases. There are some tools available that automate the process of
extracting translatable strings from XML sources and merging the
translations back. We should consider to use them.

Perhaps this mail can get a discussion started. We should also try to
involve more people early. I suggest we ask for volunteers on the
gimp-user list and other user forums.


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