On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 00:52, Daniel Egger wrote:

> I though you had a plan? Since I couldn't convince you to render DocBook
> directly as yelp does it sounded pretty much like you would know how to
> realise your mapping idea. I'd be more than happy to discuss any
> additional infrastructure you need from us to set it up.

I have a plan but I felt it's up to you to provide a sample XML mapping
file and some sample help pages for us to play with.

> > We also haven't discussed how localization of the help pages should be
> > handled.
> There's one officially supported way in DocBook which is called
> profiling*1 and which is what we doing. Since you only care about the
> generated HTML, I cannot see why you want to care about the source also.

What I care about is how the generated HTML files in different languages
will be structured since the helpbrowser will have to choose the
appropriate files based on the users locale and it will probably have to
know how to fallback to the english version.

> *1: Profiling in DocBook means transformation of input into output based
> on attributes placed on arbitrary tags. Obviously for this purpose we're
> the language (=lang) attribute.

Yes, been there, done that. See for example the GIMP tips which is an
XML file which is generated from an english XML source and po files
using intltool. I'm not saying that this approach is suitable for larger
documents but I know that there are tools available that claim to be. If
you look at the generated tips file you will notice that it becomes
rather hard to handle with the amount of translations in there. That's
why I said that your current approach doesn't scale well. However if you
evaluated the available tools and decided against them, that's your
choice then.


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