On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 20:12:06 +0200, Roman Joost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'll setup up some pages for the module, but where can i upload these pages?
> A good way to update the status of the docs is an account, where i can
> sync my help and the help docs on the server.
> If it isn't possible to upload these pages to the current website yet,
> i'll create a "temporary" location for the these docs. This isn't the
> best way, because "temporary" means difficult for the users and upcoming
> contributors. I uploaded docs of the gimp-help-2 module on a university server,
> since we might get a section on the gimp page.
>   http://www.kuhcampus.de/~roman/gimp-help-2/
> Maybe one of the GIMP Website Team can help me?

I suggest that you keep this temporary URL for the next two or three
weeks.  The new web site (currently mmmaybe.gimp.org) should replace
the old one soon and it will be easier to set up the correct URL after
all parts of the new site are in place.

Regarding the "final" location, I would suggest something like:
The web site is under CVS control (module "gimp-web"), so there should
be no problem for synchronizing the contents if you have write access
to CVS.

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