On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 06:38:06PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Translation of the help pages is another subject that should be
> discussed beforehand. I don't think the current approach of translating
> the XML source in place will scale well when the number of translations
> increases. There are some tools available that automate the process of
> extracting translatable strings from XML sources and merging the
> translations back. We should consider to use them.
Maybe you mean, writing the translation to *.po files? I saw this,
during the work on a new setup of a zope server. We used "Plone" and they
translated all these english stuff into other languages using *.po files. I
don't know which will be best technical way for write a translation.
Daniel said, that this way isn't bad as it seems, because you can
controll the granularity of the generated files or split up the xml

> Perhaps this mail can get a discussion started. We should also try to
> involve more people early.
> I suggest we ask for volunteers on the
> gimp-user list and other user forums.
Yes - i agree. We need many contributors to get a good manual done. I
think, the best way is to get a section on the gimp page (i asked Daniel
earlier). There we can show the current status of the manual, and ask
for help. Additionally we can setup some help pages, to get involved. I
think, we need some writers, who are responsible for a language file (the
translation file).

So, to summarize my opinion. I think we need:
  - a webpage where we can upload the current cvs for the online user

  - a status page

  - a contributing page, where everyone can get involved

Roman Joost
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