Am Mon, 2003-08-18 um 23.54 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> The discussion about the new help system stopped at some point and we
> haven't outlined a detailed plan yet.

I though you had a plan? Since I couldn't convince you to render DocBook
directly as yelp does it sounded pretty much like you would know how to
realise your mapping idea. I'd be more than happy to discuss any
additional infrastructure you need from us to set it up.

> We also haven't discussed how localization of the help pages should be
> handled.

There's one officially supported way in DocBook which is called
profiling*1 and which is what we doing. Since you only care about the
generated HTML, I cannot see why you want to care about the source also.

It's hard to see the benefits other ways provide especially since the
methods are already in place and fully working, yet there's not a simple
limit in sight.

I'd be glad to explain how it works and why it's a great idea if it
helps; however so far your complaint sounded unfounded and bogus to me.

> This hasn't been much of an issue so far but as I noticed that you
> started to work on a translation, I thought we should bring this up.
> There seemed to be much consensus on the help system lately but the
> lack of a write-up makes it hard to do the changes to the helpbrowser
> that will be needed to use the new help pages.

You said HTML and we're working to provide you exactly that; if you
change your mind we'll adapt. If there needs to be anything documented
about the whole setup I'd be happy to do it right away.

*1: Profiling in DocBook means transformation of input into output based
on attributes placed on arbitrary tags. Obviously for this purpose we're
the language (=lang) attribute.


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