On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 20:12, Roman Joost wrote:
> I think, that Daniel Egger and Mel Boyce setup the newer gimp-help-2
> module. For this reason, i think that Daniel know exactly what he is
> doing, to get a good documentation done.

I am sure that Daniel knows what he is doing but I am afraid he's the
only one. The discussion about the new help system stopped at some point
and we haven't outlined a detailed plan yet. We also haven't discussed
how localization of the help pages should be handled. This hasn't been
much of an issue so far but as I noticed that you started to work on a
translation, I thought we should bring this up. There seemed to be much
consensus on the help system lately but the lack of a write-up makes it
hard to do the changes to the helpbrowser that will be needed to use the
new help pages.


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