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>BTW, I read in the Windows HIG that several shortcuts per function 
>are supported, for reasons of backward compatibility. Would it be 
>possible to have something similar in the GIMP?

YES, please!!

I fully agree that Shift-Ctrl-Z is The Right Thing To Do. Even if it's not a
very known fact, some of the Windows system shortcuts (and some applications
also follow the same idea) use Shift to reverse the operation of a command,
e.g. Alt-Tab/Shift-Alt-Tab to switch to next/previous app,
Ctrl-Tab/Shift-Ctrl-Tab to go to the next/previous window in a MDI
application, Alt-Esc/Shift-Alt-Esc to go to the next/previous item in the
taskbar, and some others that I don't remember/know. Notably there are even
some applications such as Delphi that support both Ctrl-Z and Alt-Backspace
for undo, and both Shift-Ctrl-Z and Shift-Alt-Backspace for redo. MSPaint is
not an example, though it uses Alt-Backspace for undo as well as Ctrl-Z.
This tries to fill the space left by Branko Collin about what MS says, even
if it does not say anything explicitly. :)

However I *love* the Ctrl-R binding, especially because it lets me quickly
compare the done and undone versions of an image using a single hand with
very little effort. Try to do it with Ctrl-Z/Shift-Ctrl-Z and you'll find
that you need either very good coordination between fingers (better than the
one I have at least) or to use both hands.

So, if it's possible to have two different keybindings for the same command
I'd like very much to have both.

BTW, the mail program I'm using right now (Forte Agent) uses Ctrl-R to redo.

  Pedro Gimeno
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