On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 03:11:03PM -0800, Carol Spears wrote:
> lets take a different approach.
> when you don't have the money to pay for the flight to represent the
> gimp at a conference or whatever the event, you won't be volunteering.
> i was unable to fund a flight to las vegas to represent TheGIMP; i tried
> to make myself available to dsrogers to help with one.  i thought it was
> very nice that he had the money to get himself there and did not worry
> with little facts like that he doesn't know that much about TheGIMP and
> what have you.  i also tried to do some things locally to see that I
> might be able to fund myself enough to pay for the flight to las vegas
> to represent TheGIMP for a crowd, large or small.  
> to find out that 1) the trip was funded and 2) dsrogers went without a
> plan of what he would say or do there.  i am simply unable to explain
> more than this.
> so here is a new question.  what qualified dsrogers to attend this gimp
> event?

To clear things up, O'Reilly only paid for the hotel, and that's only after
it was made clear to them that nobody would come to represent GIMP unless
hotel was covered. What qualified dsrogers was that he lives close enough
to Vegas to drive there in a reasonable amount of time, precisely because
there weren't funds for airfare.

They also didn't even provide computer hardware. It didn't really seem
like they allocated a whole lot of funds in general, or really think
that there actually are still major free software projects that don't
have corporate backing. Chalk it up to them doing something new at the
last minute I guess.

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