On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 00:11, Carol Spears wrote:
> to find out that 1) the trip was funded and 2) dsrogers went without a
> plan of what he would say or do there.  i am simply unable to explain
> more than this.

We didn't know that the trip was funded before Dan arrived in Vegas.

What makes you think that Dan did not have a plan of what he would say
or do there?

> so here is a new question.  what qualified dsrogers to attend this gimp
> event?

Dan offered to represent The GIMP at COMDEX even though he had to pay
for the trip and the stay himself. I have no knowledge of other people
offering this. Since GIMPCon 2003 Dan has also been actively working on
making The GIMP Foundation a reality, an assignment that requires just
the kind of knowledge I think would fit in very well with the visitors
at COMDEX. I think Dan it very well qualified to represent The GIMP

What qualifies you to represent The GIMP?

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