On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 05:58:33PM +0100, David Neary wrote:
> Hi Carol,
> I really missed the point of your last 2 mails, but here's the
> answers to your questions...
> Carol Spears wrote:
> > My questions can all be answered very simply.
> > 
> > How much money is there?
> There's lots of money. Every country makes their own. The
> European central bank makes billions of euros. I don't know how
> much money is at the disposition of the GIMP project, though.
> Sven said there's about 400 euros left over from the GIMP
> conference last Summer.
> > Who contributed it?
> FSF Europe, ORA, FlamingText GIMP and someone else I can't
> remember gave us money for the last conference, of which 400
> euros remains. Apple also lent us some equipment.
> > For what reason was it contributed?
> So that we could have a conference, no strings attached...
> > Please, Mr. Neary.  Answer these questions, not reask your own.
> I really didn't understand what you were asking. I would have
> appreciated you clearing that up... since you didn't, I'm kind of
> guessing what you meant.
if i had answers to my questions, i would be able to answer yours.

the misinformation is from gimp.org.  there was funding available to
send someone to las vegas to represent gimp there.

a few of us were told that gimp.org would be expected to put up funding
to deliver the person to the event.  fans and people working for gimp
had pride in the developers and the application they labored so much
over and said "no funding, no interest".

turns out there was money provided.  

there is not a foundation yet and we start out with different
information from gimp.org and from gimp.foundation.

i am not going to explain this again.  if you do not understand the
problems with this situation, i don't think you should be handling it.

i don't know who the best representative is; probably not me as I am
about as bruised and beaten as this life can do to me.  but the people
who want to go get told they need to present the presentation first for
consideration.  the person who went did not do such a thing.  this
sucks.  anyone doing this should be cut off from access to anything
regarding gimp immediately.  there are many volunteers who have to the
best of my knowledge gone without reward for a very long time.

there are presentations, then there are excellent presentations of
crappy supporting software as well.

this was a complete list of money available to gimp and people wanting
to contribute and their reasons to contribute?

i think not.  can you give a more complete list; maybe let known some of
the mail in the exchange.  phone call recordings.  scans of snail mail.
notes taken.  cookies in browsers.  any thing at all that might let
known what is going on with the gimp and its finances.


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