Hi Carol,

I really missed the point of your last 2 mails, but here's the
answers to your questions...

Carol Spears wrote:
> My questions can all be answered very simply.
> How much money is there?

There's lots of money. Every country makes their own. The
European central bank makes billions of euros. I don't know how
much money is at the disposition of the GIMP project, though.
Sven said there's about 400 euros left over from the GIMP
conference last Summer.

> Who contributed it?

FSF Europe, ORA, FlamingText GIMP and someone else I can't
remember gave us money for the last conference, of which 400
euros remains. Apple also lent us some equipment.

> For what reason was it contributed?

So that we could have a conference, no strings attached...

> Please, Mr. Neary.  Answer these questions, not reask your own.

I really didn't understand what you were asking. I would have
appreciated you clearing that up... since you didn't, I'm kind of
guessing what you meant.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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