> > Who contributed it?
> FSF Europe, ORA, FlamingText GIMP and someone else I can't
> remember gave us money for the last conference, of which 400
> euros remains. Apple also lent us some equipment.

Please let me get things straight on the fundings for the GIMP
Developers Conference this summer. Dave confused a few things here.

The by far largest contribution came from the Free Software Foundation.
Not the FSF Europe as Dave said above, but from the FSF. The FSF also
paid all travel costs for the last GIMP conference we had three years

Other sponsors for this year's conference were O'Reilly Germany and
MacGimp. Gregory Cameron from Flaming Text also sent some money that
we used to print T-Shirts for everyone attending as well as for a few
people that helped with the GimpTent. We even printed a few more
shirts and made a few bucks selling them at the Camp.

Wacom sent a couple of tablets that we had to return after the event
and the CCC gave us a G4 plus monitor to use. This computer came from
some equipment that Apple(?) lent the CCC for the Camp. That was a
welcomed addition since we lost one PC on transport from convergence,
the employer of Mitch and me.

These fundings alone wouldn't have been sufficient to pay for travel
costs and the expenses we had for the tent and other equipment.
Fortunately there was some money that The GIMP got when receiving the
Linux New Media Awards 2000. This and the fact that not everyone we
planned for could actually show up in Berlin caused the fact that
there's now some money left. This money will help whoever organizes
the next conference.

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