Carol Spears wrote:
> the misinformation is from  there was funding available to
> send someone to las vegas to represent gimp there.

Any money that paid for someone to go to Vegas was payed by ORA
(O'Reilly and Associates) as a result of their competition to
send 6 open source projects to comdex. The GIMP came in #5.

> a few of us were told that would be expected to put up funding
> to deliver the person to the event.  fans and people working for gimp
> had pride in the developers and the application they labored so much
> over and said "no funding, no interest".

I wasn't aware of that. Could you tell me who told you that?

> there is not a foundation yet and we start out with different
> information from and from

I hadn't realised there was any informatyion for anyoine. The
only information I saw about comdex was the bugzilla report
opened by Steve Mallett and his blog (where I voted, several

> i am not going to explain this again.  if you do not understand the
> problems with this situation, i don't think you should be handling it.

It's not that I don't understand the problems with the situation
- it's that I don't know about the situation. Do you ithink that
someone else should have gone to Vegas? I don't understand the
way you are seeing this comdex thing.

> i don't know who the best representative is; probably not me as I am
> about as bruised and beaten as this life can do to me.  but the people
> who want to go get told they need to present the presentation first for
> consideration.

Please, name names. Who wanted to go that didn't go? No-one asked
me to vouch for anyone (including yosh and Dan) - could you
explain where the problem is, pelase?

> the person who went did not do such a thing.  this
> sucks.  anyone doing this should be cut off from access to anything
> regarding gimp immediately.  there are many volunteers who have to the
> best of my knowledge gone without reward for a very long time.

Anyone doing what? Anyone taking a junket? I don't understand...
there was an offer to have representation at comdex. The only
people I saw respond were Dan and yosh. Who else said they would
have liked to go? And where? I didn't see any of this...

> this was a complete list of money available to gimp and people wanting
> to contribute and their reasons to contribute?
> i think not.  can you give a more complete list; maybe let known some of
> the mail in the exchange.

I gave you as much information as I have - you have the same
information. I have received no mail specifying dollar amounts,
if that's what you're asking. I think perhaps you are mixing up
GIMP organised stuff with external events where GIMP people get
invited. The GIMP has no money (Sven says we have 400 euros).

I hope this clears up any confusion. As we might say in Ireland,
please don't get your knickers in a twist.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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