Hans Breuer wrote:

> At 15:32 12.12.03 +0100, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> 
> >> "Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> 
> >> > Out of interest, what's wrong with mingw's toolchain?  I
> >> > never have tried (and never will!) to build GIMP with it, but
> >> > it generally copes adequately with the mildly-unix-centric
> >> > codebases I throw at it.
> >> 
> >> I might be wrong since I don't compile on Win32, so perhaps I'm
> >> confusing things here. But as far as I can remember the mingw compiler
> >> needs it's own set of makefiles. There used to be such makefiles in
> >> the GIMP tree but after being unmaintained for a looong time, they
> >> have finally been removed.
> >
> >Sven, stop spreading FUD ;)
> >Cygwin and MinGW are the tools of choice on Win32 for compiling GIMP. 
> >
> >There were separate makefiles for Microsofts Visual C, but building with
>        ^^^^ [are, FUD again ?]

Maybe I confused the removal of the outdated makefile.mingw with the
makefile.msc, or I confused this sentence when rephrasing my mail.
> >Cygwin's or MinGW's tools (make, gcc, ld, libtool, ...) isn't supposed to
> be
> >different from building with the same tools on Unix systems. There may be
> >limitations or bugs, but everything else is the same.
> >
> AFAIK this is not completely true. Reagrding MinGW you either need
> the handwritten makefile.mingw - which were in The Gimp tree until 
> rotten too much - or a capable shell environment (either MSys or 
> Cygwin should do). 
> Note: I'm trying to build The Gimp (including it's dependencies) 
> on windoze the '*nix style' from time to time, but never managed 
> to get so far as I do with the M$ tool chain.

Well, as both packages are available from the same site, I  think no one
will try to use the MinGW package alone. 

The Cygwin user didn't have any problems at all after the dependecies were

> [Sure this is in no way representive cause I have a very strong
> aversion against 'portable shell scripts' and M4, aka. auto* tools
> - especially if they stop to work as advertised, or if the configure
> step takes longer than the actual package compile ;-]

So this makes you prefer software from a big & evil company - strange logic


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