Dave Neary wrote:
I could be convinced that having a release in 3 months is the right thing (I am under no illusions though - if I disagree with it, that won't necessarily influence the eventual decision). It would depend on the feature lists we compile over the next few days/weeks.

I think a goal of a 2.2 release in three months is a good one, which means the feature list that gets accumulated should have anything that can't be implemented in that time removed from it. If that makes for too few features, then either add one or two more. I wouldn't push the release date back much more than that.

That probably means that a feature freeze in one to two months is appropriate. There's a lot of little stuff that people have been holding off on; surely there's enough of those to fill the next three months. Save the Big Stuff for 2.4/3.0.

That's my two cents on the matter, at least.


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