Roman Joost ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Well, i think first a bit to the background of upcoming Usability Tests.
> I met Ellen Reitmayr at the GIMP 2.0 Release Party in Berlin and she is
> involved in some Usability studies for the KDE Project (with the whole
> company relevantive AG). After some discussions about the KDE Usability
> tests, we agreed, that some Usability tests for the GIMP would be nice
> for having feedback to the developers from some usability experts.


> 1. Create a rectangular selection and subtract the edge of the created
> selection.
> a) Were the necessary modes found?
> b) Does the user select the modi in the right sequence to achieve the
>   goal.  ('Replace a current selection', then use 'Subtract from the
>   current selection')
> c) Does the user know, that the starting point of the subtract selection
>   has to be placed outside of the current selection and not inside the
>   selection itself. 

c) is not necessary. When pressing CTRL you can happily subtract stuff
starting inside the current selection (otherwise it would be impossible
to create holes in the selection)


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