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Simon Budig wrote:
Roman Joost ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
1. Create a rectangular selection and subtract the edge of the created
c) Does the user know, that the starting point of the subtract selection
has to be placed outside of the current selection and not inside the
selection itself.

c) is not necessary. When pressing CTRL you can happily subtract stuff starting inside the current selection (otherwise it would be impossible to create holes in the selection)

I know we're correcting the usability expectations with these comments, but somehow they have already highlighted some usability concerns - if the people doing the usability tests, in consultation with someone pretty familiar with the GIMP, isn't aware of these things, it might indicate that this is non-obvious (for example, the separation of the default grid and the grid in the current image is one which is not obvious, similarly, selection handling with modifier keys is not obvious).

If I understood correctly, the objective of this exercise is to see if people find the tool options, understand the icons, and understand what the changing cursor means.


Dave Neary

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