On 6 Apr 2004, at 10:25, Roman Joost wrote:

> Well, i think first a bit to the background of upcoming Usability
> Tests. I met Ellen Reitmayr at the GIMP 2.0 Release Party in Berlin
> and she is involved in some Usability studies for the KDE Project
> (with the whole company relevantive AG). After some discussions about
> the KDE Usability tests, we agreed, that some Usability tests for the
> GIMP would be nice for having feedback to the developers from some
> usability experts.

Since you're planning multiple tests, you may consider running a 
first test that is not very task driven, and in which the (few) tasks 
are relatively broad. The results from that test could then serve as 
the basis for the next test(s).

What kind of users will you be working with? How familiar are they 
with the testing platform? How familiar with photography? How 
familiar with digital imaging?

One of the Cinepaint developers once had a user write down his 
suggestions for improvement. These could perhaps also serve as a 
starting point for an exploration of the sort of problems a GIMP user 
might run into. I don't seem to be able to find a link to that 
discussion, though.

branko collin
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