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> Well, i think first a bit to the background of upcoming Usability Tests.
> I met Ellen Reitmayr at the GIMP 2.0 Release Party in Berlin and she is
> involved in some Usability studies for the KDE Project (with the whole
> company relevantive AG). After some discussions about the KDE Usability
> tests, we agreed, that some Usability tests for the GIMP would be nice
> for having feedback to the developers from some usability experts.

As others have already said, this is an excellent initiative.  Thanks!

> Tasks for the first test (all-day-usage; all of the are common tasks for
> all people, except the one where the indicated group is mentioned):

The tests look good.  There is another test that I have tried in the
past with new users.  The optional parts may be a bit more complex for
new users, but the basic part could be useful for your test or for
tuture tests:

Draw a red circle around some elements of a given image (objects or
people's faces).

Optional parts:
- ask for an oval or for a perfect circle,
- thick circle or thin circle (1 pixel),
- fully opaque or partially transparent red circle.

Things to observe:
- Does the user find the right tool(s) to do the job? (selections or
- If not, then is a basic explanation sufficient to understand the
  concept?  Or does the user need more guidance?  (Basic explanation:
  "First select the shape that you want, then use Edit->Stroke
- For perfect circles, does the user find the right modifier?
- For partially transparent circles, how does the user do it? (using
  a separate layer, using brush transparency, etc.)

The option about 1-pixel thin circles was only relevant for gimp-1.2
and may not be useful for 2.0, thanks to the new stroke dialog.

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