On 21 Apr 2004, at 14:33, Dave Neary wrote:
> Markus Triska:

> > Also, I find the picture of the wet baby in the "Screen Shots"
> > section rather annoying. I mean, it's not the baby's fault, but I
> > think that with all the stuff going on in Europe (Dutroux), placing
> > a half-naked kid with amateur lightning in this section is not a
> > matter of particularly good taste. Maybe it would be good to show
> > more neutral photographs, like skies and landscapes etc. that are
> > bright and where's much to look at.
> The baby is my son, I didn't think of any negative connotations, but
> indeed I wasn't thinking "that way". Given your comments and the way
> you saw it, I will take them down. I'm not sure where screenshot
> submissions should go though - perhaps someone else will pipe up with
> ideas about that?

I agree with your comments re: a friendly, welcoming mailing list. 
This list should not scare people away from asking valid questions. 
Instead, it should guide people into asking valid questions in a 
developer friendly way.

Similarly, people should not be scared into omitting perfectly 
innocent baby photos. Instead, problems like the Dutroux case should 
be tackled head on, not avoided. People should not be afraid to ask 
questions or post baby photos, and we as a community (either the GIMP 
community or the world community) should strive to create an 
enviroment in which fear becomes a positive katalyst, not an 

I for one thought it was kind of cute how all GIMP tutorials seemed 
to revolve around baby photos lately.

branko collin
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