[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-04-21 at 1433.35 +0200):
> > I have beein playing around with Gimp for some time now, and one
> > procedure I apply every once in a while is to make a copy of each
> > visible layer and merge them to a new one (as a means comparable
> > to "CVS tagging" - to mark and save a stage of development). In
> > fact, I have beein wondering why this is not an option in the
> > layer context menu (like "copy visible and merge those") - is
> > there maybe a better way to do this? I use it also when I need a
> > filter to operater on the whole picture ("all layers").
> I don't see a way that this could be nicely implemented in the
> interface - "duplicate all layers" doesn't seem like an operation
> which would be very common or useful for most people, but perhaps a
> "merge visible layers (and keep old layers) option would be
> useful...

Be creative: duplicate image, merge all visibible layers, paste back
the result and discard the temp image. Use shortcuts and DnD and you
get the result fast. It can be scripted too.

> As an aside, applying a filter to several layers at once works would
> be useful, and should (in the first instance) work on linked layers,
> and later work on layer groups (when we have them). The best way to
> have this scheduled by someone is to create a bugzilla report for
> it, and bring it up here on the list for implementation ideas and
> advice.

There is a filter all layers already, provided by perl-fu. But filter
all layers does not have to output the same than filter the result.

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