Hello, I noticed this moment that Carol wrote this also to the mailing list. 
Please excuse the confusion, but until recently, it was not necessary for me 
to be subscribed to the list, so I'm not sure if this mail is attached to the 
right thread.

I am copying the reply that I wrote to Carol verbatim - it is a pretty safe 
bet to assume that if I had written the response to be read by all list 
members, I would have phrased many things of the initial post differently.

This mail hopefully also sheds some light on what I meant with "safe".


Dear Carol!

Thank you for your message.

> i dont blame people for being intimidated.

When I said it would be "safe" to ask Dave, I meant he very probably would not 
come up with the "don't ask me, I'm a developer"-argument that one can 
(rightfully) expect from a developer. I understand very well the difference 
between developing and FAQ and documentation teams. It is just that the only 
list I follow is the developer list, and David seemed to belong at least with 
one leg (if not with two) to the documentation team too, so it seemed natural 
for me to approach him instead of, say, Sven.

I understand also that my issues have nothing to do with Gimp development, and 
THEREFORE I did not send them to the list myself.

> okay, a few more than three steps, but this has not failed to work since
> gimp-1.0 and the options have never moved.

Thank you.

> what i saw when i saw the photo of this baby was a dork who had a good
> relationship with a beautiful woman.  those are the images i saw and the
> man i came to know while working on gimp development.

Apparently, Dave has understood my point and has taken the photo off the web. 
That was in my opinion the only correct behaviour. I think we can agree that 
we would not show a naked woman in a Gimp advertisement, even if it is 
perfectly natural. So why would you show a naked baby? I think one should not 
do this. On a side note, displaying a static photograph does not do justice 
to the Gimp's functionaliy either. I can use kview for that. Let us both have 
a look at Adobe's screenshot section of photoshop. I bet they are pretty 
proud to show off with features and stuff that their PRODUCT is able to 

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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