Markus Triska wrote:
Again, I have to point out that I never intended to send the mail that Dave quoted to the list - I only thought that he would understand the issues I raised, and right I was.

I owe Markus a public apology for forwarding this on to the list.

In fact, the baby part of the mail was way down at the bottom of the reasons I did so. The main reason (as I've already said) is that it illustrates the point that this list is intimidating. The second reason was to expose the technical issue to a larger audience (which it did, and that is now resolved).

I intended to start a discussion on what we could do to make the list a friendlier place, and not one on censorship or sexual standards (which, while perhaps more interesting, is less useful to this community). With that in mind, the "correct" thing to do would have been to answer Markus's mail personally, and copy the appropriate section only into a separate mail to the list, conserving his anonymity.

That I didn't do that has, apparrently, made the list an even more intimidating place, and I now have to accept that I have aggravated the problem I was hoping we could address. I should have followed my own advice, and considered the person who sent me the mail before I mailed to the list. I apologise for not having done that, and ask Markus to excuse my behaviour.


Dave Neary

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