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> For my part, some of the things I don't like are the comments
> like "Everybody knows that...", or "that has been planned for
> some time now", or worse "don't waste your time doing that". I
> think that we should try and avoid saying that things are easy or
> planned until there has been some planning work done or someone
> has claimed a task.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves then why the same questions are asked
over and over again. "that has been planned for some time now" is an
answer that shows that the question shouldn't have been asked in the
first place. Now, why is it asked then? That's the point we should
worry about. If questions that appear as badly researched turn up,
this is a clear sign that the information isn't easily available. Now
that's something that we can try to change. The fact that
mailing-lists are a place for random flame-baits and sometimes harsh
words on the other hand is probably not going to change ever.

So IMO the things we need to consider are:
- how can we make gimp development more transparent?
- how can we publish short and long term plans and roadmaps?
- why is there no maintained user FAQ?
- why is the mailing-list archive not working?

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