"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Aargh, what a mess.  Okay, to sum up:  it's "Edit->Copy Visible", which
> is exactly where it should be, in the Edit menu with Copy.  Possibly a 
> name like "Copy All Visible" would be better, and possibly it should be 
> next to "Copy" instead of at the bottom, but still inevitably many people
> will take a while to learn about it.

Since "Copy Visible" is a script, it can't be moved next to "Copy". At
least not with the current menu system. Mitch is currently replacing
it with GtkUIManager. We will see if it offers a better solution.

> Regarding hostility, short of booting people from the list when they
> say hostile things, the best approach is to refrain from saying
> hostile things or responding to them.  And there is no way, under
> any circumstances, in any situation, to say negative things about
> baby pictures without provoking hostile responses.

Well, it was definitely a bad idea of Dave to forward this stuff to
the list since the author more or less asked for keeping it private.
It would have been better to ask the author of the mail to resend the
question to the list himself. It would have been his choice then
whether to include this statement or not.

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