RaphaŽl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Currently, I think that having a look at the ChangeLog is the best way
> (although cumbersome) to figure out who is working on what.  Maybe we
> could make this easier by processing the ChangeLog automatically,
> analyzing who is working on what and publishing a list of the top
> contributors to each part of the code in the last N months (e.g.,
> stats per directory in the source tree).  That would not be perfect,
> but maybe it would be better than what we have now because this would
> be updated automatically.  Some time ago, I wrote a script that parses
> the GIMP ChangeLog files and tries to figure out who are the most
> active developers.  Maybe I should try to hack it a bit more.

That sounds like something that should be done using the CVS
information, not by parsing the ChangeLog. Perhaps have a look at
statcvs, a CVS Repository statistic analysis tool.


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