Sven Neumann wrote:
> Well, it was definitely a bad idea of Dave to forward this stuff to
> the list since the author more or less asked for keeping it private.

That is really badly missing the point, then.

Here are the questions that we need to consider - 

1) What makes the mailing lists a hostile environment?
2) What can we do to change that?
3) If finger-pointing would help, who are the biggest offenders,
and how is their behaviour/language intimidating?
4) What is the minimum standard we expect from people before they
are considered worthy to make propositions? I ask this because 
it is an impression that comes across that certain contributions
are dismissed rather too easily.

For my part, some of the things I don't like are the comments
like "Everybody knows that...", or "that has been planned for
some time now", or worse "don't waste your time doing that". I
think that we should try and avoid saying that things are easy or
planned until there has been some planning work done or someone
has claimed a task.

A few years ago I had an awful habit of starting questions where
I had an idea what needed to be done with "Why don't you just..."
- it's a habit which annoyed my co-workers who had spent some
time thinking about things, and for whom the "just" wasn't
trivial, as well as implicitly belittling them. 

> It would have been better to ask the author of the mail to resend the
> question to the list himself.

That is really missing the point of why I sent the mail to the

Despite the fact that this is something that we have known about
for years, and have discussed at length on several occasions,
contributing the the GIMP is in general extremely frustrating,
and not particularly rewarding in terms of kudos. It's one of the
reasons that I've been making less effort to make the time to 
contribute for the last month or so. If we do not change that,
soon, then this project is a dead duck.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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