On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Carol Spears wrote:

> i have a bad opinion of someone who so easily gets to change things on
> an established list.

If I recall correctly, it was Dave who was asking for changes to the list,
or rather, a return to the civility that once was here.

> if you want a friendly mail list about gimp,
> gimp-user list totally fullfills this.

There is no reason why gimp-developer can't fulfil it as well.  Besides,
what if someone wants a friendly list to talk about gimp development
related issues?

> is this person with the smutty mind a developer?

I don't think he has a smutty mind, just is painfully mindful of those
that do.  And there should be no chinese wall between the developers and
the users.  How else can the developers know what the users think, need,
and want?  With no feedback, it's hard to know if changes to the gimp make
it more useful and usable.


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