Markus Triska wrote:
Dear Carol!

this is the part where you get embarrassed about the weird forwarding
and spamming.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that I am causing you all as a new user of the mailing list (and, indeed, ANY mailing list).

When I answered your mail, I did not know that you had also sent it to the list, because I did not look at the mail addresses it was coming from, clicked "Reply" (instead of "Reply all"), and the result was that only you received my answer.

When I found out that you posted that on the list, I forwarded the mail to the list, too. I see nothing "weird" about this, and I have a different idea of "spamming". The result would have been approximately the same if I had used the CC feature.

You don't have to blame yourself for this. Being used to mailing lists where reply-to is set to the mailing list address (assuming that personal replies are rare, and public replies the normal case), I sometimes do this on accident myself.


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