this is the part where you get embarrassed about the weird forwarding
and spamming.

i am curious as to what news markus follows and software he uses and
plug-ins that came with the software.  what country and the over all
ideas of his teachers and parents.

i just see a different image totally.  is it software?  is it because i
try to have no interest in seeing bad things (unless i have a solution)?
is it because i am a product of the evil american culture that i cannot
see anything bad about this image?

while i appreciate someone else being the new person to really abuse the
mail lists (try cc and one time multiple mailings). ((check to see if it
is sent to the list or not)).  (((forgive me when i screw up, sometimes
-- all i get is mail list mail))) and send the email carefully. more
carefully than me.

i am so confused about the problem with the image.


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