Dear Carol!

> this is the part where you get embarrassed about the weird forwarding
> and spamming.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that I am causing you all as a new user of 
the mailing list (and, indeed, ANY mailing list).

When I answered your mail, I did not know that you had also sent it to the 
list, because I did not look at the mail addresses it was coming from, 
clicked "Reply" (instead of "Reply all"), and the result was that only you 
received my answer.

When I found out that you posted that on the list, I forwarded the mail to the 
list, too. I see nothing "weird" about this, and I have a different idea of 
"spamming". The result would have been approximately the same if I had used 
the CC feature.

> i am curious as to what news markus follows and software he uses and
> plug-ins that came with the software.  what country and the over all
> ideas of his teachers and parents.

Maybe in 50 years from now, you can buy my biography if you are interested, 
which will perhaps contain a time-line of how my habits and opinions changed 
over time. By now, I have no intention to make my habits public. I think you 
will understand that I will not publicly announce the ideas of my teachers, 
relatives and other persons I am associated with (even if they are or were 
not alive any more, and even if they do or would coincide with my own), for 
several reasons, the simplest maybe being that they are nobody else's 
business. About the only hint about the programs I use that I ever gave in a 
program documentation was that I used SUSE Linux, and even that has changed 
by now, so in hindsight, this information was of no use to anyone, and I 
don't see the point.

Of course, if you are interested in how I can accomplish this and that with 
some programs, maybe I can help you. In fact, I will maybe write a tutorial 
for the Gimp in the future, because I think I have achieved now some skill in 
the area of photo enhancing.

> i just see a different image totally.  is it software?  is it because i
> try to have no interest in seeing bad things (unless i have a solution)?
> is it because i am a product of the evil american culture that i cannot
> see anything bad about this image?
> while i appreciate someone else being the new person to really abuse the
> mail lists (try cc and one time multiple mailings). ((check to see if it
> is sent to the list or not)).  (((forgive me when i screw up, sometimes
> -- all i get is mail list mail))) and send the email carefully. more
> carefully than me.

I do think that I send mail carefully. Do not assume that the possibility that 
the boy was Dave's child had not occurred to me before. However, I see no 
reason why this should change anything, except maybe giving hints to the 
explanation of Dave's reaction, and maybe not. I would have sent my mail to 
Dave also if it was not his boy, but for example my own daughter or son. 

> i am so confused about the problem with the image.

You do not have to be confused any more, the pic you are talking about is 
gone. If I had known that my initial mail to Dave would appear on the list, 
too, I would have phrased it differently so that everyone can follow my 
reasons. Given that I wanted to mail Dave directly, whose mind and thoughts I 
knew a bit from the mailing list, I formulated it as I saw fit to make myself 
understood by HIM, not by anyone else. As I see it, my mail was enough for 
him to make him understand what I wanted to communicate.

That having said, I want to end now this discussion which I did not want to 
happen and would not have started myself in the first place. This is the Gimp 
developer list, not a psychotherapy session.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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