OK, and this is another reply I had meanwhile sent (to Sven, in this case), 
and I hope the mailing list agent will know where it fits in - apparently 
some parsing of the quoted text is done to make sure that the thread 
hierarchy is maintained.

Sorry if this is getting a bit redundant, but I hope I have now made my point 

Best regards,
Markus Triska.


> It's ridiculous to say that putting such a picture on the internet will
> cause children to be abused

For the record, I want to note that I did not say that, as you seem to imply 
in your reply.

> The picture is in no way offensive and anyone who draws a relation to the 
> Dutroux tragedy is either sick himself or overly cautious.

I think we can agree that most of us rather would not have a screen-shot of an 
adult woman or man, half-naked like this, in the screen-shots section, albeit 
professional models who get paid for their job. I do not know why you make a 
difference for children. If I had not mailed Dave, how long would the photo 
still be around? Maybe his children will be thankful some day, when they 
understand what was going on, that not everyone has a photo of them with no 
clothes on.

Given that Dave seems to have understood my point and removed the picture, I 
consider the issue resolved.

I want to thank you again for your efforts. As far as I can tell, you are 
doing a great job.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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