Dear Carol!

> i dunno.  he got everything he asked for.  it did not even make sense to
> me and he got it.

Oh yeah, and I got so much more too, thank you very much. 

> this human being should be on the gimp users list.  it is polite and
> nice there.  
> i have a bad opinion of someone who so easily gets to change things on
> an established list.  if you want a friendly mail list about gimp,
> gimp-user list totally fullfills this.  
> is this person with the smutty mind a developer?

Carol, maybe the hint I provided before was to weak for you to notice. I did 
not expect *you* to understand my points. That is why I mailed Dave, and not 
you, and he did.

I am sorry that you have a bad opinion about me, and that maybe you think I 
have a "smutty mind". Maybe if I had mailed Dave at a different point in 
time, catching him in a different mood, things would have turned up more 
brightly. I am very sad that I get to know you all when you are accusing me 
of the worst things one can think of.

Again, I apologize for all the inconvenience and chaos that my private mail to 
Dave has caused.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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