> Do you have problems with posting to the list in general (because there is
> someone or something you cinsider "unsafe") or just because of the rather
> difficult topic?

No, as I outlined in a previous mail, I used "safe" solely to indicate that I 
assumed Dave would have no objections to be asked about some apparently 
simple usability issue (where, in contrast, a "normal" developer could have - 
rightfully - pointed me to some other place). I deducted this from all the 
posts in which Dave stated that developers should also answer questions, and 
that he himself in fact did and had done so.

I can only emphasize again that I know very well the difference between a 
development and a FAQ and documentation team, and I would never have molested 
Dave with my question were it not for him pointing out that he had no problem 
with that and in a sense "begging" for mail.

It certainly has nothing to do with the mailing list (this is only how I came 
to "know" Dave). If Dave would not exist, or would not post such things to 
the developer's list, I would have sent the question to some person working 
on the Wiki, or to the Gimp-User-mailing list, or somewhere else, but never 
to this place (which I, in fact, have not).

It just happens that the developer's list is the only one I follow, and thus 
it seemed natural for me to contact Dave, and the quickest way to get a 
useful reply.

I did not know that it would turn out this complicated and chaotic. I am sorry 
that I have caused you so much trouble and confusion.

Best regards,
Markus Triska.
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