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> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Perhaps we should ask ourselves then why the same questions are asked
> > over and over again.
[... good points snipped ...]
> This is ALWAYS going to happen and no amount of additional documentation
> is going to make a significant dent in that.
> The problem is in how people react to those kinds of requests.

Yes, I agree.  We can try to change the "others" by providing better
documentation, FAQs, clear roadmaps, etc.  But maybe we should first
check if we can change ourselves.

> On most of the lists that I participate in, people groan, roll their
> eyes and then answer the question politely.  If you know the answer,
> it takes about the same amount of typing to answer a simple question
> as it does to flame the user and tell him to RTFM.  It doesn't really
> increase your workload, it makes the user happier, it keeps the list
> as a friendly, helpful place and life is good.
> On this list, the reaction is invariably hostile.

We should all try to make some efforts to follow a policy such as: "if
you cannot reply to someone in a polite way, then don't reply at all".
This means that some questions may be ignored and this list may be
rather silent from time to time, but I think that it would be better
to do that than to scare potential contributors.

We are all used to the strong language and very direct communication
used on this list.  Most of us can handle it.  But for someone who
joins this list for the first time, this place does not look very
friendly.  This is not the first time that some people say that they
do not like the gimp-developer list.

By the way, we had a very similar discussion at GIMPCon2003.

We can improve our image to the "outside" by providing better
documentation, list archives, and generally better communication
towards GIMP users and potential developers...  But we should also
think a bit more about how we discuss things on this list.  Even when
we are in a bad mood. ;-)

> > So IMO the things we need to consider are:
> > - how can we make gimp development more transparent?
> > - how can we publish short and long term plans and roadmaps?
> > - why is there no maintained user FAQ?
> > - why is the mailing-list archive not working?
> I don't think any of those things are the issue.

There is no such thing as _the_ issue.  All of these are important
factors, and we should try to improve them.  But I agree that we
should not forget about our own behavior on this list, which may make
any of the improvements cited above irrelevant because people run
away after reading a few messages.

>   - how can we be more friendly/tolerant on this list?
>   - why do so many threads descend so rapidly into hostility?

Yes, there are definitely some things that we can improve...

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