Marc A. Lehmann  wrote:
> On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 06:06:54PM +0200, David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > For the moment, I am working under the supposition that the best
> > option available to us is to join the GNOME Foundation. That
> > means that when we do fundraising, the donations would go to the
> > GNOME Foundation, and when we have expenses we would ask the
> > GNOME Foundation for money.
> In what way would this be different to "we give the donations to the FSF
> and ask them nicely if we want money"?

The FSF has made it clear that they won't accept donations on
behalf of GNU projects. They have always been very generous, and
the only argument I can see against partnering with the GNOME
Foundation is that it might annoy RMS and the FSF - it would be
nice to know if this is the case *before* we do anything.

It is possible that we could have an arrangement with the GNOME
Foundation that priority be given to the GIMP for allocation of
funds that were raised by us. 

> The original idea behind a seperate gimp foundation was that begging would
> be necessary (even if the GNOME foudation might be rather open to giving
> money...)

True. It's also true that the FSF has never let us down when we
asked for funds. The only effect of this is that people will be
able to give money to the GIMP, and be fairly sure that the money
will go towards the GIMP (not certain, mind - the details of a
partnership would need to be hammered out). 

Also, the GNOME Foundation has a track record handling bounty
type donations, which the FSF does not, and since many of the
proposals for funding that we get are of that type, it is in our
interest to have some way to reply "yes, thank you, how much were
you planning to donate, and what features do you want?"

Currently we don't have that.

> > Are there any people opposed to closer ties with the GNOME
> > Foundation?
> Well, GIMP is not part of GNOME, and this assertion was made repeatedly
> over the years. Apart from labeling GIMP more of a GNOME program, I
> wouldn't oppose (but I don't count much anyway :)

I know, We could even change the name of the GIMP to the GINPOG
it's been repeated so much. But this is a bunch of people with
really close ties to the gimp (we use their toolkit and
infrastructure, a few years ago they used to use our toolkit),
who really want to help us both short term and long term.

And why wouldn't you count?

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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