On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 05:56:43PM +0100, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> (we've enjoyed peripheral use of some of their services
> such as CVS for a while).
my personal experience with gnome cvs is really bad.

i am paraphrasing one of the developers i have a great deal of respect
for (paraphrasing since it has been a long time since he/she said this):

"I would not have moved the site to gnome cvs."

after this opinion was expressed, the destruction of a ground up design
started to occur.

what was the thing i did that caused this destruction?  i trusted a
community run cvs system.  i trusted that everyone with cvs access would
be "with the program".

okay, prophet or instigator?  the jury i appointed is still out on this,
however, it seemed to be an accurate (however late) warning to me.

i say that not only should we not put ourselves into a position where
completely other people are telling us how to spend our funding but that
we should also move the gimp development tree to wilber or beta wilber
or whatever it is while it is in between things like it is.

the crap email i get from rms lately, i really think that TheGIMP should
not be put into the position of asking for anything.

dsrogers, i do not want to install open office to read gimp documents.
i would prefer the documentation be in gif format over doc.  funny that
i should be as fond of you as i am and still have you accusing me of

all along, i have been glad that someone who seemed capable (even if
quite easily frightened and so wanting to be seen as scary and rough on
women) was handling this legalese crap.

not using doc format was a really good suggestion, and an agreement with
a long time gimp developer -- please do not eh, boost yourself by
treating it as a what(?), threat from me.

or it was a not good suggestion.  it was in no way goading.  i do not
goad, unless you consider seconding an already expressed opinion
goading.  and that is a stretch.


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