Hi Alan,

> Fill and Stroke definately don't belong in the Selection menu (you could
> be filling or stroking a Path not just a selection).  The Select menu
> keeps the selection options nicely seperate from manipulating the image
> (or drawable ie the contents of the selection).

Yes, I agree, especially with respect to the path-functionalities. But
nevertheless, as I wrote in response to Sven, we 'are not our users',
and sometimes their concepts are completely different from the ones of
the developers (who are highly involved!). Therefore, I'd really like to
conduct a huge user study with respect to the menu structure - just to
get a few hints on how real users think.

> Adobe Illustrator uses Edit, Stroke and Edit, Fill... (just one item for
> Fill which pops up a dialog with lots of options and fill types of all
> kinds).  Photoshop also has "Layer, Filled Layer" (or similar) which
> allows you to choose a texture/pattern and inserts a new layer with that
> fill.
> I dont recall Jasc having any extra fill options besides using the bucket
> tool (and I double checked by looking at various sites including this one
> http://moonsdesigns.com/tutorials/psp8/tools.html )

I'll have a look at that!

Thank you,


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