Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> For a long time the policy was that we used the most recent devel
> branch release.  When did that change?  CVS HEAD is a little too
> fast-moving, but I don't have a problem with using the latest devel
> version, and I don't remember anyone else having a problem with it,
> either.

Well, I do remember that we had lots of complaints last time we
updated the dependencies. Otherwise we would have gone for GTK+-2.6 at
the moment we branched after the 2.2 release. Dave Neary has been one
of the most active advocates for being conservative with our
dependencies. Perhaps he can outline the reasons better.

For quite a while the policy is not to depend on libraries that are
not yet in debian testing. That's of course just a rule of thumb but
it guarantees that we work with stable software and that a reasonable
amount of time has passed by since the libraries were released. It
does however also mean that problems show up rather late. Often too
late to get them fixed w/o waiting for the next GTK+ development

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