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> Hi,
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:
> > In some directories it takes the Save As dialog a verified 40
> > minutes to open.
> You better file a bug report about this then or at least make sure
> that there's one filed about it.

No sweat, already done for some time :) I wouldn't dare to menton bugs
here without :)

> There have been a couple of changes that deal with exactly this problem
> so it would surprise me if the problem is still there. You better make
> sure that the relevant people know about it.

Well, for one thing it's a gtk+ problem (reading about every file in the
directory, which, for large directories, takes ages), and there the bug is

However, when I think about it, there is another problem in the gimp: The
save-as dialog (by default) only gives me a path-entry, so it's
questionable why all that information is being read (in a blocking way,
too), when it's not being displayed. This is likely specific to the gimp.

> > Tab completion is still missing. I still have to use my mouse for
> > every operation in the layers dialog because no shortcuts work
> > there, etc.  etc.
> How is the layers dialog related to this?

It's related to general usability. I have a problem with clicking icons,
mainly because I seem to have a mental disorder causing me not to be able
to identify icons. Well, seriously, me and a lot of people I know are able
to read text much faster than icons, and can enter keyboard shortcuts much
faster then clicking icons or menu items.

In gimp-2.x, I seem to be unable to set shortcuts in the layers dialog
(and the predefined shortcuts that didn't work in 2.0 were removed), so
it seems gimp-2 forces me to use menus or clicking icons were I could use
keyboard shortcuts before.

> I don't think we have ever ignored any concerns and I know that the
> GTK+ developers do also care a lot about feedback as long as it
> doesn't boil down to "it sucks".

Hmm, after reading the various threads about the file-selector, I got a
different impression, namely, "the file-selector is great, if you can't
see this, you suck" (I am exaggerating a bit here, obviously) :) But many
people complained about the good features, namely, being able to paste
paths or enter paths using tab completion. This seems to get ignored,
because there are undocumented and invisible keyboard shortcuts that
provide workarounds...

Right now, people laugh at me when they see the "current" (this is
gimp-2.2.2) layers dialog and file open/close dialogs.

> Unfortunately there seems to be a trend to bitch on other people's work
> without even trying to propose better solutions.

Hmm, many people (including me, remember my shock when dynamic keyboard
shortcuts were mostly gone, which was one of the killer features with
gimp) just said sth. akin to "I want the old way back", which in my book
counts as "proposing better" (to them) "solutions".

I think there is a general trend in making gimp "more user friendly" and
less powerful to use (dialogs, shortcuts, icons), to make gimp uniform to
other apps even when it makes little sense because gimp is, after all,
different (undo/redo etc.).

(Another interesting but completely unrelated thing is that gnome offers
a wide variety of extending your desktop/panel/menus with more icons, but
not with text. It certainly looks more colourful, but most people quickly
become confused because there is only so much info that you can convey
with an icon, and nobody can remember the actions between 20+ different
icons. gimp partly follows that, IMHO).

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