Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> For a long time the policy was that we used the most recent devel
> branch release.  When did that change?  CVS HEAD is a little too
> fast-moving, but I don't have a problem with using the latest devel
> version, and I don't remember anyone else having a problem with it,
> either.

Even though it would be tempting to use some of the features that are
currently being added to GTK+ HEAD, it would probably be a bad idea to
target GTK+-2.8 for GIMP 2.4. GTK+ HEAD just introduced a dependency
on Cairo. Of course it would be nice to finally convert our display
drawing routines to a proper vector drawing library, but I think we
should better put this on the GIMP 2.6 milestone.

Let's rather try to get GIMP 2.4 out as soon as possible and have it
depend on GTK+ 2.6.

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