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> In some directories it takes the Save As dialog a verified 40
> minutes to open.

You better file a bug report about this then or at least make sure
that there's one filed about it. There have been a couple of changes
that deal with exactly this problem so it would surprise me if the
problem is still there. You better make sure that the relevant people
know about it.

> Tab completion is still missing. I still have to use my mouse for
> every operation in the layers dialog because no shortcuts work
> there, etc.  etc.

How is the layers dialog related to this?

> For me, gimp-2.x is a big step backwards in usability, and I am not
> alone, and I still use 1.3 for editing sometimes, and I think it
> sucks compared to the power 2.x offers, but at least I can work
> pretty fast with it.

Could you elaborate what exactly you are talking about? Where are the
usability problems you are seeing in comparison to gimp 1.3?

> Many people have voiced their concerns, and I think it's a shame
> that they all get ignored.

I don't think we have ever ignored any concerns and I know that the
GTK+ developers do also care a lot about feedback as long as it
doesn't boil down to "it sucks". Unfortunately there seems to be a
trend to bitch on other people's work without even trying to propose
better solutions.

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