"Alastair M. Robinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Why is she using the file open dialog at all? She could as well use
>> the file manager and drag the files into GIMP. The file open dialog
>> should really only be used if the file isn't readily selected
>> elsewhere which should be rather unlikely if you are working in a
>> document oriented way.
> True enough - drag'n'drop and gimp-remote are very useful
> here. Personally I tend to drag'n'drop from GQView into The GIMP - but
> the usefulness of DnD is hampered in stock Gnome by the impossibility
> of turning off click-to-front.

Right-click any image in gwview and choose Edit->in The GIMP (or Ctrl-1).

> Yes, for me the Save dialog is an annoyance.  I very rarely want to
> save directly into the default directory, and changing directories
> takes too much mousework, and is clumsy with the keyboard (tabbing to
> get the focus in the right place, then Ctrl-L, then enter path...)  Is
> there any reason why the save dialog's filename entry box can't
> support paths directly?

But the entry does support entering absolute paths directly.

> Could the expanded/collapsed status of the directory selector be made
> persistent across sessions?

I already said that it could be done but that I am not convinced that
it is a change to the better.

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