Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:14:03 +0200 (CEST)
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   On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Marc wrote:

   > One thing is that people, and _many_ people, just want their location
   > entry back, for lots of reasons: discoverability, pastability and so
   > on. But for some reason this simply does not happen.

   Do you want this only in gimp or in all programs that use the gtk+
   widgets and dialogs?

Obviously this is a GTK2 issue.

   Currently not everyone is happy with the new dialog but hopefully
   it can be improved so most of us are happy in the future. If not,
   then what do you suggest? Either way you choose someone will be

Adding a simple file (text) entry box with tab completion (and a
preference to turn on autocompletion) would, IMHO, solve virtually all
of the problems.  People who don't like using text entry boxes
wouldn't have to use it.  The ctrl-L popup has lots of problems; not
only is it not apparent how to get to it (there's nothing that points
at ctrl-L), but it's very clumsy to use (you have to type ctrl-L, type
in the filename -- while having to deal with its quirks -- and then
click OK twice).

And no, bookmarks are NOT a complete solution to this.  I have
probably 200 bookmarks in Firefox (for example), and finding the right
bookmark in the list takes a while (I have to scan through the list
and find the one I want).  As far as images go, I currently have about
70 directories with images (65 subdirectories for my digital camera,
and some miscellaneous ones).  The camera ones have 100-200 each (in a
lot of cases I have two copies of each image, one the JPEG file
extracted from the raw image and another one converted using my
hacked-up dcraw), and a couple of the others have 1000 each.
Navigating through all of this is a real pain; the ones I'm most
interested in I simply memorize.

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