On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 01:02:34AM +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > I don't know what "I am smoking", but this very compaint has come up
> > a number of times, and your only reaction is to talk it down.
> That is a blatant lie. The reaction to these concerns is that me and

This is the end of reasonable discussion with you again. Too bad you
immediately call other people liars and worse. Couldn'T you simply be

> these concern with Federico and other GTK+ developers, entering bug
> reports and writing patches to fix them. The fact that you completely
> ignore this and stick to your lies is becoming rather insulting.

I did not even claim that you didn't and where did I ignore this.

What's your problem? Accusing me of saying things I clearly haven't again?
Accusing me of not having said things that you assume I think? Come on,
get a life...

> > No, it does not at all work surprisingly well. It is *extremely*
> > slow, it hinders, it flickers, it destroys the selection, it pops up
> > a window. It feels like an ugly kludge and certainly does not wor
> > "surprisingly well".
> I cannot reproduce most of your problems.

Which would be? Why does your inability to partly reproduce problems mean
that I cannot be taken seriously?

> At least not from this description. If you want to be taken seriously,
> then please come up with serious descriptions and make sure that
> comprehensive and useful bug reports exist for them.

You cannot reproduce some aspect of my description but others so claim
I can't be taken seriously. That is *exactly* the kind of tactics that
annoys so many people: They report sth., you have a problem with some
aspect of their descriptino so you dismiss it all.

Don't other people simply deserve to be taken seriously, especially if
_so_many_people_ report the same kind of problems? It's juts as I said: you
ignore or talk down these issues.

Fact is, people agree that the way the gtk+-1 file selector worked with
regards to text entry and tab completion has no problems. So all this
wiggly-waggly "we don't know what you mean" is pretty dumb:

I repeat: The behaviour of thre gtk+-1.0 file dialog with regards to text
entry and tab completion is *exactly* what people want, and even if it
weren't, it's most close. It's exactly what I said earlier, too.

All the questions on what to do are completely superfluous, as there even
exists working code that explains what people need.

What happens instead is that we see kludge after kludge and claims that
these kludges would be superior. If the gtk+ developers would want to help
they would just listen to the users.

And you accuse me of lieing and claim I can't be taken seriously. Don't
you realize something? Just because you can bully other people and silence
them (well, not all fortunately) does not mean you are right. But I said
that before, and you simply don't want to understand that or improve the
situation. You need a serious attitude change when dealing with people.

> > You also said file dialogs should go away (in some distant future) and
> > people should use drag&drop.
> You misunderstood me.

If you say so, then it is so. If I were you I'd just accuse you of lieing
Sorry, but that's not at all funny.

> I didn't say that DND is going to replace file choosers. I said that
> sooner or later most people will not even know about the concept of
> hierarchical file systems. That doesn't mean that they will be dragging
> in files from file managers. File managers will also cease to exist (at
> least for a large user group).

Yeah, I have seriously misinterpretetd what you said when you actually
meant that.

Have fun!

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