Hi Marc, Sven.

I don't know if there's a list protocol about this, or maybe it's well
established that peacemakers like myself are pretty much bound to fail, but
I thought I'd give it a shot ...

I've been on the internet for many years, and I've been insulted and flamed
quite a number of times.  The best way to keep the peace is to ignore the
flames entirely and not reply at all.  If you think you need to reply,
reply to the cogent points of the post, not the insults.  Something else
I've found: ignoring the flames only makes the flamer look more foolish, so
by doing so you keep the peace _and_ make your would-have-been opponent
look worse.

I don't think the list can afford to lose the input of either one of you.

Giles                                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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