<[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:

> This is the end of reasonable discussion with you again. Too bad you
> immediately call other people liars and worse. Couldn'T you simply be
> reasonable?

Huh? Is it all over already? That would be a pity.

>> these concern with Federico and other GTK+ developers, entering bug
>> reports and writing patches to fix them. The fact that you completely
>> ignore this and stick to your lies is becoming rather insulting.
> I did not even claim that you didn't and where did I ignore this.

Well, you said that I would be deliberately ignoring user complaints
and that is just plain wrong. I may tend to disagree with a lot of the
complaints but that is mostly because I also hated the new filechooser
dialogs in the beginning but over time the widgets have matured and in
the meantime I really like them. I completely agree that the dialogs
were pretty much unsuable when they appeared in GTK+ 2.4 and I feel
sad whenever I learn that people are still using GIMP with GTK+ 2.4.
But there isn't really anything I can do about that.

>> I cannot reproduce most of your problems.
> Which would be? Why does your inability to partly reproduce problems
> mean that I cannot be taken seriously?

I simply want you and anyone else who wants to have a discussion on
the file-chooser to do three things:

(1) Use the latest GTK+ 2.6 release. Most of the problems that you and
    others mentioned have been addressed in the meantime and it
    doesn't really make sense to have a discussion on bugs that are
    already fixed.

(2) Take a step back and try to understand the concepts behind the new
    dialog. There is room for improvement but the overall design is
    good. It is good because it works for newcomers and it still has a
    lot to offer to the expert user.

(3) Don't try to advertise the old GtkFileSelection dialog as being
    the solution that we should revert too. That widget sucked badly.
    It's main problem was that it was completely unusable for
    newcomers. It had exactly one feature to overcome its limitations
    and that was Tab completion. Without Tab completion the old dialog
    was pretty much unusable. The problem here is that Tab completion
    is not something that people can discover. At least not the larger
    part of our userbase. So if you want to revert to the old dialog,
    don't expect to be taken seriously. If you insist on being taken
    seriously with this approach, please show me evidence to back up
    your claims. I might trust a usability test but I am certainly not
    taking your word on what is good user interface and what's a bad

So as long as you can try to even consider these three points, we can
probably have a very interesting discussion and perhaps it might even
lead to something useful.

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