Hello folks!

I've just now joined this mailing list, looking for some info from people who
know the internals of the Gimp's plug-in system. 

The reason is, that I have a project in mind that I'd like to try to write as 
an Gimp plug-in, but I am not sure if it can be done.

So before diving headlong into the source I though I'd rather ask if it's even 
doable. If so, then I'll start digging through docs and code. :)

What I'd like to do is to write a plug-in that would make the Gimp a nice tool 
for 3D artists by showing a 3D object in a seperate window with the currently 
selected Gimp image as UV mapped texture.

The 3D object would be loaded from a Wavefront OBJ file with all UV mapping 
coordinates and been displayed by using OpenGL.

The only thing that gives me worries about this, is if the Gimp plug-in system 
would allow a seperate window to be constantly displayed and updated whenever 
a tool operation is finished so that the artist can practically see each 
brush stroke (or other tool usage) instantly on the 3D object once the tool 
has been used.

If that is the case, then the only real work for the plug-in in would be to 
make a flattened copy of the currently edited image and send it as texture to 
the OpenGL part of the plug-in.

Any comments on the idea or if this possible with using the Gimp's plug-in 

Thanks a lot in advance.

Bye Bye

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